Hi, I'm

My name is Quint, I'm a 14-year-old founder and freelancer. What have I done before?

  • I've worked on websites for local businesses where I live.
  • I've created ~10 projects with buildspace.

I have experience in many fields of development, such as web development, blockchain development, and web design. I have experience using Solidity, React, Rust, and more.


The Photo Outfitters - A website for a local, photography store located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
CoderDAO - Created with buildspace to showcase my skills in web development and blockchain development. Deployed on Rinkeby Ethereum testnet. View completion NFT
Chain Destroyer - Created with buildspace to learn about the Terra blockchain. Deployed on Terra testnet. View completion NFT
Crypto Battle - Created with buildspace - Battle against Elon Musk as different cryptocurrencies to get onto the Tesla store. Deployed on the Rinkeby testnet. View completion NFT
gm wall - Created with buildspace - Post a gm gif on a public forum board! Deployed on the Rinkeby testnet. View completion NFT
My NFT Collection - Created with buildspace - A basic word generation NFT project. Deployed on the Rinkeby testnet. View completion NFT
Non-Existant Art Drop - Created with buildspace - An NFT collection with random generated artworks from thisartworkdoesnotexist.com. Deployed on Solana devnet. View completion NFT
quiint.dev - This website.
There are other things I have done that are not mentioned here!
Click here to view all my buildspace certifications.

Well this is great and all, but what are you working on now?

I am participating in Buildspace Nights and Weekends developing my own product (SaaS and hardware). Check it out here.

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You can also contact me directly on Discord by friending Quint#1333, or emailing me directly at quiint@quiint.email. I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible!